Fit indices

semopy has numerous fit indices at users disposal that might help one to evaluate SEM models. Namely, χ2, RMSEA, CFI, TLI, NFI GFI and AGFI. For details on how those indices are calculated in semopy, see the paper.
You can calculate indices by calling the calc_stats function. See the code snippet below:
import semopy

data = semopy.examples.political_democracy.get_data()
mod = semopy.examples.political_democracy.get_model()
m = semopy.Model(mod)
res =
stats = semopy.calc_stats(m)


DoF             35.000000
DoF Baseline    55.000000
chi2            38.125446
chi2 p-value     0.329171
chi2 Baseline  730.654577
CFI              0.995374
GFI              0.947820
AGFI             0.918003
NFI              0.947820
TLI              0.992731
RMSEA            0.034738
AIC             60.983321
BIC            132.825453
LogLik           0.508339